Drop Knee: Australia leads the way | Photo: Surfing Australia/Woolacott

The Australian Bodyboard Association (ABA) is increasing the investment in the Drop-Knee (DK) discipline. The ABA Tour has announced changes in the DK contest format.

Drop-Knee fans and specialists have reasons to celebrate. The iconic "underground" bodyboarding discipline is rising from the ashes, with a revamped formula to be tested in Australian waters.

"We've been working with the newly-formed DK Advisory Group to create better quality comp formats that are more suited to DK," explains Nick Chandler, Chairman of the ABA.

"The ABA and the DK Advisory Group believe we've developed the right format to showcase Drop-Knee at its best. The ABA is now running man-on-man heats which create a 'DK Battle' scenario, with the top DK riders from around the country battling it out for the coveted DK crown of D'Bah".

The DK Advisory Group is a riders' initiative created to influence the development of a sustainable and progressive competitive Drop-Knee circuit leading into the D'bah Pro and beyond.

Last year, Dave Winchester, Matt Lackey, Shane Griffiths and Gary Thatcher entered a tail-throwing war in clean three-to-four foot peaks, with Winny ultimately taking the crown over local favourite Lackey.

The ABA Tour promises a new uncapped prize money formula that continues to balloon with entrant numbers.

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