Deathstyle: a hardcore drop-knee adventure featuring Matt Lackey, Tom MacFarlane, and Tyson Ryan

Are you ready for one of the best drop-knee bodyboarding clips of the decade? Turn up the volume and maximize the video window.

Inspired by the lyrics of "Frantic," a song by American thrash metal veterans Metallica, Nomad Bodyboards embarked on a sonic and action sports adventure.

"My lifestyle determines my deathstyle," wrote and sang Metallica's lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, James Hetfield.

So, three talented Jack Stance performers from the Gold Coast - Matt Lackey, Tom MacFarlane, and Tyson Ryan - attacked the waves and" delivered a full-on performance.

Watch how the trio gets hidden behind throaty barrels, hits the closeout lips, throws buckets of spray using the boards' tails, and completes 360s in open wave faces.

The short film was produced by Shane and Mark Britten.

The Flaming Tsunamis and Front End Loader composed the powerful chords that go along with the waves.

One thing is certain: you can't blame these drop-knee magicians for not showing dedication and a firm commitment to their riding style.

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