Carlos Hebert bodyboarded for 365 days straight

December 21, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Carlos Hebert: he surfed the Habitat 65 river wave for 365 consecutive days

Carlos Hebert has successfully completed a 365-day bodyboarding challenge in Montreal, Canada.

He's never cold and, for him, the waves are always great. Hebert rode his local spot every single day between September 22, 2015, and September 22, 2016.

He went out for 365 straight days at his home break in Montreal. Habitat 67 is a standing wave located in the Saint Lawrence River.

Carlos "The Handboarder" fought the cold weather, the low water temperatures, and the shifting river flow conditions to set a record, but also to raise awareness for skin cancer, the disease that claimed his father's life.

Carlos Hebert: a frequent rider at Habitat 67, in Montreal

Hebert rode two types of boards: bodyboards and handboards, depending on the river conditions, but he didn't miss a single session. Not even when air temperatures got below -7°F (-20°C).

This unusual rider also likes to change boards while riding a wave, and he is never seen out there charging without his waterproof camera and filming gear. Hebert rarely shares a word with his viewers - he just lets his surf do the talking.

What will Carlos "The Handboarder" do next? Will we see him giving surfing a go in the stationary wave of Habitat 67?