Carlos Hebért invites you to try boardercross ice bodyboarding

March 27, 2019 | Bodyboarding
Carlos Hebért: he has introduced boardercross ice bodyboarding to the world | Photo: Hébert Archive

Carlos Hebért Plante is one of the coolest bodyboarders on Earth.

The passionate wave rider from Quebec, Canada, is one of the few bodyboarders in the world that is able to get in the water with air temperatures of -4 °F (-20°C).

Carlos is a regular face at Habitat 67, the river surfing wave located in Montreal. Whether it's rainy, snowy or sunny, he's always there to try something new.

We've seen him handboarding, bodyboarding for 365 days straight, and dodging icebergs. The legend has done it all.

In 2017, Hebért Plante was invited to compete at the 2017 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational.

He hadn't surfed ocean waves in ten years and, while warming up for his heat, Carlos simply went for the waves he wanted without knowing that the sport has no-drop-in rules.

"I saw some angry faces and people looking back at me and asking me: 'what are you doing, man?' I learned and asked for advice. Rule number one is: look who's coming," explained Hébert.

"There are a few professional competitors that I watch a lot online. They're on the Tour, and they're really good and, compared to me, they're on the next level."

Boardercross ice bodyboarding: Carlos Hebért wants the pros to try it out | Photo: Hébert Archive

An APB World Tour Specialty Event

Obviously, Carlos Hebért didn't win the contest, but he got back to Canada with an inspired, open mind to create new challenges for himself in the cold waters.

So, eventually, the San Diego-born bodyboarder came up with boardercross ice bodyboarding. Does it sound weird? It may be odd, but it's the new "extreme-cool" boogie boarding discipline.

In boardercross ice bodyboarding, the rider has to stay in control while sliding over the ice sheets that randomly appear in front of the static river wave.

"Is there a professional bodyboarder on the APB World tour willing to take a shot at this new sport? What about a heat on icebergs with me against Mike Stewart?" Carlos Hébert tells SurferToday.

"I've been alone for too long doing this. If an athlete on Tour is ready to accept the challenge in 2020, I will gladly take him out for a boardercross session or competition."

Ice sheets are rare on St. Lawrence River, and sometimes they can only be seen once in five or even ten years. They form only with exceptional weather conditions.

It's time the APB World Tour plans a specialty event in Montreal's Habitat 67 and names it Carlos Hébert Ice Bodyboarding Classic. Wouldn't it be a hit?