Chris James spends "12 Months In The Salt"

May 21, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Chris James: finding an exit at Bagpipes | Photo: Chris James Archive

Chris James is not afraid of impossible big waves. He chases them. He spent "12 Months In The Salt."

Big wave bodyboarding is a sub-scene where you can't find many riders obsessed with vertical drops and ultra deep barrels. Christopher Arthur Eric James doesn't care about the mainstream.

He lives in the underground world; in a place where jet skis tow bodyboarders into the deadliest Tahitian pits, with no seat belts or safety manuals. Well, there you go. Meet Nomad Big Wave Awards' first candidate.

Chris James began bodyboarding around the age of 12, and it wasn’t long before the sport took over all of his other interests. Long Reef and Little Narrabeen are his kingdoms, and his skills have been documented in "Roam," "Roam II," and "Raised Heights".

After recovering from a knee reconstruction and months of intensive rehabilitation, Chris James is ready to tell the world he wants to claim the planet of the big waves. Just watch him performing in Tahiti, Scotland and Southern Australia.

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