Dave Hubbard: not shaving since he won his first world title

Dave Hubbard has been crowned the 2013 IBA Drop-Knee World Tour champion, during the Encanto Pro, held at Isabela, Puerto Rico.

Hawaiian legend Dave Hubbard managed to defeat Sacha Specker, from South Africa, to clinch yet another world title.

He has now collected four national championships, four Drop-Knee titles at Pipeline, and five world trophies in the Drop-Knee category.

The Encanto Pro 2013 was taken out by the Puerto Rican Rafa Rivera. He scored 13.80 points in the final against Bensimane Adane, from Morocco. Guilherme Tamega and Uri Valadao placed third.

In the Women's category, Minami Hatakeyama from Japan took first place and Ayaka Susuki finished runner-up.

The Global Qualifying Series (GQS) are now over, as well as the Drop-Knee and Women's divisions. The last stage of the season - Fronton Pro - will crown the 2013 IBA World Tour champion.

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