The Hubbards: they went to Maui and impressed

The 2016 APB Drop-Knee world champion and the 2016 Hawaii Pro Bodyboard Tour champion got on a plane and went looking for waves in Maui.

Video clips can be extremely useful, especially if you're the average bodyboarder who enjoys learning and improving your riding skills. When we watch the pros, we pay attention to the details and the subtle body movements that make bodyboarding an exciting high-performance sport.

For many world tour bodyboarders, Hawaii is just the ultimate training ground. The Hawaiian islands offer all kinds of surf breaks and all types of waves.

If you want to get barreled, there's Pipe and Honolua Bay; if you need shore break action, head to Sandy Beach. There are rollers for all tastes, and experience levels.

Jeff and Dave Hubbard are both multiple-time world champions in prone and drop-knee. Recently, the duo traveled from their hometown in Kauai to meet up with Maui's dreamy ramps and cylinders.

The video speaks for itself. Jeff and Dave will not waste your time. On the menu, you'll find flavors for all palates: laid-back backside drop-knee rides, Jeff's Air Hubb, outer space air roll spins, and deep tubes.

It's five minutes of pure bliss and adrenaline.

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