Bodyboard leash plug: install it yourself in a few minutes

New bodyboards are usually sold without the leash plug installed so that you can select the place that best suits your wave riding style.

Some riders prefer bodyboard leashes placed on the left side, others put them on the right side, and some bodyboarders install them centered and close to the nose.

Installing a bodyboard leash is fast and easy. You'll only need a pencil, a screwdriver, a lighter, and a ruler.

In five minutes, your new bodyboard will be ready to roll.

First, measure 6-8 inches (15-20 centimeters) down from the nose of the board to your chosen spot.

The decision often depends on whether you're a regular or goofy footer.

Pay attention to the bodyboard stringers. If your plank has a stringer, carefully avoid them.

Bodyboard Leash Plug Installation 101

Have you been able to gather all the materials? Get ready to drill a hole in your board. Don't worry - it is part of the process.

The following step-by-step instructions will help you install the bodyboard leash plug effortlessly:

  1. Mark the leash plug position with a pencil;
  2. Slowly push the screwdriver or the drill through the selected spot until you feel you've almost reached the deck;
  3. Turn the bodyboard around and find where the hole will meet;
  4. Heat the screwdriver with a lighter and apply pressure once again - the process will be completed with a soft push over the deck;
  5. Finally, connect the male and female parts of the leash plug;
  6. Verify if they're tightly connected - a coin can be a great tool to screw the plug;

You're done. Now, the bodyboard plug is installed, and you only need to choose your favorite bodyboard leash.

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