Swim fins: repair all cracks and make them last longer | Illustration: Music and Waves

Swim fins don't last forever, and wear and tear is inevitable. However, you can always stretch their lifetime by repairing the cracks that slowly appear in the rubber.

There's nothing worse than losing a fin while catching waves. Not only will it put an end to your surfing session, but it may also hinder you from escaping strong currents and rips.

High-quality bodyboarding fins are traditionally made from natural gum rubber for maximum comfort and optimum thrust and performance.

But the impact of long hours of exposure to the sun's heat and UV rays, seawater, sand, and daily use may gradually and negatively affect the condition of your fins.

With time, you'll notice that small fissures, gaps, cracks, and perforations start to appear, especially in the heel strap area.

The sooner you repair your favorite pair of weathered swim fins, the longer they'll last.

The trick is to fill those crevices with a tough and clear chemical compound that bonds the rubber together.

All you need is an ultra-flexible resin like Sponge-Rez to make the necessary repairs.

You may also apply this formula to medium-sized cracks in the fin blades.

DIY Swim Fin Repairs 101

Here's how to repair bodyboarding and bodysurfing fins:

  1. Clean the swim fins and remove any traces of salt, sand, or water;
  2. Open the cracks by holding the rubber apart with your fingers;
  3. Pour the resin over the cracks;
  4. Use a spreader to distribute the resin over the damaged area and fill the fissures;
  5. Wait two minutes for the resin to slightly dry;
  6. Switch the rubber over and apply the resin on the inside;
  7. Let the rubber squeeze back together;
  8. Wait 24 hours until it's completely cured;

Finally, remember that one of the secrets to swim fin durability is the proper use of the equipment.

Learn how to put on a pair of bodyboarding fins.

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