Jason Bitzer: angry with Body Glove

Jason Bitzer has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Body Glove International, the iconic watersports company from Redondo Beach.

The professional bodyboarder believes the brand used his name in a series of bodyboards without his permission.

The legal battle will be disputed in court and will involve a third company called Sport Dimensions.

"He's one of the top-known bodyboarders in the country," said Dan Druz, Bitzer's attorney-

"He's like any celebrity: he wants to be paid for the use of his name."

Until 2009, Body Glove sponsored Bitzer and marketed products with his signature.

Apparently, from 2010 on, the contract was not renewed, but the boards were kept in surf shops for sale at Costco and Sports Authority stores.

Bitzer's attorney believes the brand has sold $3 million worth of bodyboards. The lawsuit has been transferred from a New Jersey state court to a U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

Jason Bitzer has founded the USBA. Body Glove has been supporting bodyboarding for a long time.

It would be useful if all parties could reach a deal that would even pump the sport forward.

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