Jeff Hubbard: enjoying the Pipe pit | Photo: APB

Hubbard started off strong and prevailed in a wave he knows very well.

The three-time world bodyboarding champion imposed his knowledge of the spot in a grand final held in challenging and brownish eight-to-twelve-foot waves.

Hubbard, 41, combined his explosive surf with several barrel rides and signature air moves in heat which also included Iain Campbell, Alex Uranga, Ben Player.

"To win something like this in front of all your friends and family, and to get chaired up the beach, there's nothing better. It's what you dream of, and it doesn't get old. There's nothing sweeter," expressed Hubbard, who won his fifth Pipeline Invitational title.

"Pipeline is the highest echelon; it always has been. It's the best place to bodyboard on the planet, and it showed today with the level of talent incredibly high."

The 2017 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational was the first event of the APB World Tour season. The world's best bodyboarders will now travel south for the Tahiti Teahupoo Challenge.

2017 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational | Men's Final

1. Jeff Hubbard (HAW)
2. Iain Campbell (RSA)
3. Alex Uranga (SPA)
4. Ben Player (AUS)

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