Kiama Bodyboard King Pro kicked off with small waves

August 2, 2018 | Bodyboarding
Mike Stewart: riding small waves is never easy | Photo: Glasson/APB

The 2018 Kiama Bodyboard King Pro kicked off at Kiama Surf Beach with the opening round being completed in two-foot waves.

Having not competed in Australia since the 2013 South Coast Crusade, 55-year-old and nine-time world champion Mike Stewart put on the competition jersey for his opening exchange with some of the world's best.

Although Stewart's Round 1 wave scores didn't reflect his depth of skills and accomplishments, he still managed to get spectators attention with his stylish drawn out maneuvers.

Let's not forget that Grand Slam events adopt a format where the world's best bodyboarders surf three times in non-elimination rounds.

After the third round, the top three scores are tallied together out of a possible total of 30 points to determine the top 16 that proceed into the man-on-man Round 4.

Chilean rider, Alan Munoz, set an early standard in the first round, showing his versatility by getting the biggest score of the day - a 7.35 - for an interesting combo in the small waves.

The wave put him on top of the leaderboard for day one of competition.

Putting more scores on the board for the international surfing contingent, Hayato Enokido lived up to his name as one of the best small wave bodyboarders posting a handful of respectable scores.

After having recently won ABA Tour's Northern Beaches Pro, Enokido currently sits in the third position on the leaderboard.

"I thought it would be kind of stormy and cold, but it is small and sunny. This is what happens in our sport. We never really know what it is going to happen," said Amaury Lavernhe.

A new northeast swell is predicted overnight with more favorable conditions for tomorrow. Kiama continues to be the main venue, but the organization can go mobile between Cronulla's Shark Island and the far south coast.

2018 Kiama Bodyboard King Pro | Top 10 Riders and Three-Wave Total

1. Alan Munoz (CHI) 18.95
2. Tanner McDaniel (HAW) 15.50
3. Hayato Enokido (JAP) 15.35
4. Maxime Castillo (FRA) 15.15
5. Jake Stone (AUS) 14.55
6. Josh Kirkman (AUS) 14.50
7. Amaury Lavernhe (FRA) 14.45
8. Dave Winchester (AUS) 14.00
9. Mitch Rawlins (AUS) 13.90
10. Andrew Lester (AUS) 13.85

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