Kuda Ayya: probably the best bodyboarder in the Maldives | Photo: @liquefy_maldives

The Maldives Bodyboarding Association (MBBA) ran its first national bodyboarding competition.

The National Bandufilaa Challenge 2019 was the first contest held in the country since the organization was founded in 2013.

The event was scheduled to start on December 10 but, due to rough weather conditions, it was on hold until December 17 at Raalhugandu in Male City.

Forty-one participants from 11 islands and nine atolls of the Maldives competed across two divisions: prone men and prone junior.

Ali Khushruwan Ahmed, also known as Kuda Ayya, won the main event. The 33-year-old is one of the best Maldivian riders of his generation.

"We had challenging conditions, but the event was a success with many talented young faces with promising bodyboarding careers," expressed Kuda Ayya.

Ali "Kirika" Anim, 19, finished runner-up, while Ahmed "Loabi" Nazmeen, 22, finished third.

Mohamed Reeshan: the winner of the junior division at the National Bandufilaa Challenge 2019 | Photo: @liquefy_maldives

Maldivian President Presented the Trophies

In the junior category, Mohamed Reeshan Rasheed took the top honors after beating Ahnaf Naphko and Inash Naeem in the final.

"Dreams can become a reality. Make it happen. Shock everyone! I said I could, and I would, and I did it. It's my first win, and I won't forget it!" added the young gun from Male City.

"It was a big challenge, and I struggled to find a way to come this far. I had to fight some of the best and talented bodyboarders from the Maldives."

"It's been a long competitive year, and before being competitors, we are humans, and our results often represent how we emotional feel. Most important is never to give up!"

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the President of the Maldives, joined the closing ceremony and presented the trophies to the newly crowned champions.

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih: the President of the Maldives presents the winner's award to Ali Khushruwan Ahmed | Photo: @liquefy_maldives

National Bandufilaa Challenge 2019 | Finals

1. Ali Khushruwan Ahmed
2. Ali Anim
3. Ahmed Nazmeen

1. Mohamed Reeshan Rasheed
2. Ahnaf Naphko
3. Inash Naeem

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