Maldives National Bodyboarding League: the new competition series kicked off in Malé | Photo: Hupa/MBBA

The Maldives National Bodyboarding League (MBBL) kicked off in Malé.

The Maldives Bodyboarding Association (MBBA) announced the creation of a national circuit featuring the country's best riders.

The first event of the newly launched tour got underway at the locally renowned surf break of Raalhugandu.

The MTCC Burunu Shikaaru Bodyboarding Challenge 2022 brought a much-welcomed change in the atmosphere at the famous Maldivian wave.

It's the first time the competition has been run since 2015.

Out in the water were 39 athletes competing in the men's open category alongside 13 bodyboarders in the junior men's and four female riders in the historical women's open category.

Despite the choppy conditions that from time to time haunted the lineup, athletes were generally greeted to clean conditions.

Set waves rolled in a solid two-foot range, paired with gentle offshore winds.

Digital Scoring and Live Streaming

The event started with an extremely competitive first round of the men's, followed by the juniors and women, before finally concluding day one with three repechage Round 2 heats.

Buzzing with stoke and adrenaline, some of the athletes brought their wow-factor stunning judges and spectators alike with a display of diverse and innovative maneuvers.

Ali Khushruwan Ahmed (Kuda Ayya) successfully secured the champion's trophy for the past three events and bagged the highest single-wave score of the day with 6.73 points.

He was followed by Mohamed Reeshan with a score of 6.13 points on a single wave.

"With the implementation of a digital scoring system alongside live streaming and broadcasting capabilities, MBBA hopes the events will become more and more streamlined and accessible for all, fueling future generations of athletes to further engage with the sport," the organization stresses.

As a large majority of bodyboarders in the island nation reside in the capital Malé, Raalhugandu, in particular, is known to be the proving grounds for the Maldivian surfing community.

It is also responsible for the training and development of several local international gold-medalists and top-ranking athletes.

MTCC Burunu Shikaaru Bodyboarding Challenge 2022 | Results

Open Men
1. Ali Khushruwan Ahmed
2. Ali Javed
3. Ali Shaam Rafiu

Open Women
1. Lujain Hassan
2. Dhafeena Hassan Ibrahim
3. Shaziya Saeed

Junior Men
1. Abdhulla Shimaal Shameem
2. Mohamed Jareesh Jihaadh
3. Aamin Umar Moosa

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