Manta announces signing of Spencer Skipper

January 7, 2010 | Bodyboarding
Spencer Skipper

Manta is happy to announce their latest signing of Hawaiian Spencer Skipper.

Skipper has been long regarded as one most stylish riders in the business and seemed pretty stoked about the new deal.

“I’m stoked on the new deal. It gives me the chance to travel and do what I love doing best. I’ll be hanging on the North Shore for the Hawaiian winter and plan on surfing Pipe as much as possible. Then heading down to Oz for their winter to do some team trips with the boys.”

Reon Fisher Manta’s team manager commented.

“It’s cool; Skip has always been one of my favorite riders. He has that really unique style of riding that I don’t think anyone else can really mimic. I’m looking forward to getting some good shots of him from the Hawaiian season and getting him out here for the Aussie winter.”

Keep an eye out for the Manta Skipper pro model out in 2010.