Pierre-Louis Costes: no hands back-flip

Pierre-Louis Costes has successfully pulled and completed the first-ever "No Hands Back-Flip" in the South of Portugal. The 22-year-old world bodyboarding champion has been trying to finish the move, and now it is real.

"It's a really hard move, but this is just the beginning. I want to try one in bigger waves and with more air time. I think it could look very functional and be one of the future moves of bodyboarding", Pierre-Louis Costes wrote on his Facebook.

"I'm very conscious that this one is far from being a perfect a 'No Hands Back-Flip.' There is a lot of work to do."

"I will try this season, in Hawaii, to complete a better one. Bodyboarding is living a revolution. I hope this opens the door to many other new moves!"

The French rider lives in Portugal for a long time and chose the sunny Western European country to train for the IBA World Tour.

After winning the 2011 world bodyboarding title, Costes opened the year 2012 with a victory at the Sumol Nazaré Special Edition, a big wave bodyboarding contest.

Pierre-Louis Costes had already trained the "Double Back-Flip" and even got injured, but the "No Hands Back-Flip" is something new. It seems like the French bodyboarder pulled it in a two-foot left-hander.

But there's more. The 2011 world champion will be testing a new move: the "No Hand Loop."

"This is my next goal. I've also been working on this. It really requires a perfect ramp," concludes Costes.

"Completing one will look amazing and I'm so amped on landing one I can't wait to have another go at it."

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