Mick Fanning and Snickers: 'sorry, bodyboarders'

Snickers has apologized to world bodyboarders and will pull the Mick Fanning ad featuring words about the brother sport.

Here's what Mars Chocolate North America has to say:

"Snickers has a long and positive association with surfing both through sponsorship and advertising."

"In March 2010, we launched a new advertising campaign around the idea of 'you aren't who you are when you're hungry.'"

"You might have seen the television ad with comedian Betty White of Golden Girls fame, in which a group of young men is playing (American) football."

"One of them has become Betty White due to the hunger he is experiencing. When the character eats a Snickers bar, he is transformed back into his regular self."

"The ad uses humor to tap into the idea that people are not themselves when they are hungry and consequently act differently than they normally would."

"The idea in the ad you have cited features a picture of Mick Fanning, who would not normally boogie board (or bodyboard) when he is competing in a surfing competition. This ad was in no way intended to be derogatory."

"We know that advertising is subjective, but it was clearly not our intent to offend anyone."

"As a sign of our commitment to consumers and the bodyboarding community, we have decided to discontinue the advertisement featuring Mick Fanning in the future."

In 2007, Snickers already had problems with a supposed anti-gay Super Bowl ad. But, the Mick Fanning/Boogie Board case is now closed.

All bodyboarders deserve respect from surfers, kitesurfers, and windsurfers. Waveriding is a family. Not an inner style-and-status competition.

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