South America ready for the APB World Tour

June 6, 2017 | Bodyboarding
Arica: an incredible, high-performance wave | Photo: Jimenez/APB

The world's best bodyboarders are getting ready for the South American leg of the 2017 APB World Tour.

After two challenging events in Pipeline and Teahupoo, it's time for the pro riders to travel to Brazil and Chile, where they will battle for points in three exciting venues: Itacoatiara, El Gringo, and Antofagasta.

Despite missing the first stop of the season in Hawaii, Jared Houston won in Tahiti and stormed the overall rankings. However, he is closely followed by Garth McGregor, Alex Uranga, and two former world champions - Jeff Hubbard, and Mike Stewart.

The race has just started, but the South American contests will help define who will be chasing the world title when the APB World Tour lands in Europe for the decisive heats.

Right now, all eyes are on Itacoatiara, the iconic beach break that pumps some of the heaviest barrels in Brazil. Will Uranga defend his 2016 trophy? Can Houston triumph in this intense wedge?

Whatever happens, all riders will then head to Floppos, Arica's crazy reef break. The spot saw South African Iain Campbell taking down Amaury Lavernhe in an adrenaline-fueled final last year. Will history repeat itself? Can the local stars win in home waters?

Last but not least, the pro bodyboarding crew will conclude their South American expedition at La Cupula, the long left-hander that served as the inaugural break for the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival.

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