Bodyboarding: the perfect sport to sell cigarettes

Unlike surfing and windsurfing, the sport of bodyboarding was never especially popular in the marketing world. However, we found a few rare advertising gems.

The Brazilian marketeers were one of the first to use bodyboarding in television commercials. Believe it or not, they put prolific boogie boarders selling Hollywood cigarettes.

What a bright idea; it's the best of both worlds - smoke and waves. Brilliant.

But the truth is that the surf industry never quite promoted its younger wave riding activity as a marketing tool for reaching young consumers.

Morey Boogie, the bodyboard company founded by Tom Morey, invested in a few TV commercials, and that was it.

But these ads will keep you entertained for a while the tide is rising. Watch how bodyboarders help to sell nicotine and chewing gums.

"Hollywood | O Sucesso" (1970s)

If you want to become a successful bodyboarder, you should smoke Hollywood cigarettes. Right? Wrong.

"Morey Boogie" (1986)

"Put your body on a boogie. A bodyboard can do things nothing else can do. You can bend them, you can bounce them, and you can rollo, too."

"Juicy Fruit's Boogie Board" (1987)

Smoking is not good for a bodyboarder's health, but chewing gum while riding a wave is also not a good idea.

"Morey | The Green Room" (1996)

No Morey, no barrel. Mike Stewart gets VIP treatment.

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