The best surfing commercials ever

Surfing commercials: surfer and waves are perfect for selling beer, consulting and drinks

Advertising has always used surfing to promote products, services and brands. Whether you're selling beer, executive consulting, credit cards or portable cameras, there's often a surfer doing his thing.

Get ready to watch the most exciting TV commercials involving surfing, surfers and waves target all audiences. Whether you're a man or a woman, young or old, black or white, it seems like the sense of risk, action, survival and lifestyle is always there.

Advertising agencies and creative marketeers can turn surfing into something else. The famous Irish beer Guinness, for example, delivered one of the most famous surfing commercials ever. The draught stout ad was inspired by the 1893 painting "Neptune's Horses," by Walter Crane.

Corona believes surfing is a great channel to sell their cold pale lager. The unforgettable "From Where You'd Rather Be" commercial series is already part of the history of surfing. It makes you want to drink a beer immediately.

Multinational management consulting firm Accenture had to remove Tiger Woods' life from their ads, so they've hired the iconic "Surfing Elephant" to create a beautiful and very popular commercial.

Surfing commercials can also be controversial. Quiksilver's "Dynamite Surfing" viral video spread rapidly but was heavily criticized, too. We must admit that using explosives to make waves is an unorthodox way of selling surf wear.

Many brands are exploring the potential of surfing in modern advertising. What are the most famous commercials in which surfing takes the main stage? Groms and pros, these are the best surf-inspired TV ads of all time:

"Surfer" by Guinness Surfer

"Surfing Elephant" by Accenture

"From Where You'd Rather Be" by Corona

"Dynamite Surfing" by Quiksilver

"Crazy Surfing" by Powerade

"Surfer" by AIB

"Toy Surfer" by Taco Del Mar

"Surfer" by Motorola Droid

"Things go better with Coke" by Coca-Cola

"Pour yourself some freshness" by Hamm's Beer

"The Nelsons" by Kodak

"I Surf Because" by Billabong

"Roberto Carlos Vs. Surfer" by Pepsi

"Surfing, Volleyball and Soccer" by Pepsi

"Wouldn't It Be Nice" by Cadbury

"Barbie In A Mermaid Tale" by Barbie

"No7 Age Defying Serums by Boots

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