IBA World Tour: Drop-Knee remains untouched

The 2014 IBA World Tour will offer minimum prize money of $25,000 and will definitely close the chapter of crowning champions based on the previous year's result.

Professional bodyboarding is opening a new page.

A one-world ranking system, with all events being Star-rated, has already been announced, citing "volatility in the global economy."

Under the new format, the final make-up for the end-of-year rankings will include the rider's best half plus one rounded-up event points total.

In an event where more than one rider has the same or equal points, all ties will be broken by going to the next best result on the 2014 tour.

If ties can't be broken by counting upwards, then a tie will be broken by counting down events' results.

Finally, and only if the tie is unbreakable, then a surf-off heat will be contested at the earliest chance between the tied riders.

A maximum of 2000 points will be available to events that meet bonus requirements. Events will effectively start at 1000 points and work upwards.

Events will be allocated 200 extra points based on the event set-up, i.e., webcast, contest structure and media, and the historical standing of the event.

If these stages include a 10-day waiting period, there will be more 200 extra points allocated. Finally, events will be allocated 200 or 400 extra points based on the wave quality.

There will be a maximum of four wildcards for each Men's event.

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) will announce two of these wildcards, and the promoter will have the other two.

The Women's and Drop-Knee tours will remain unchanged from 2013.

Riders will have to pay an event entry fee in order to maintain minimum prize-money levels in all events.

To secure a Top 28 position, riders who elect to compete on tour will need to pay a one-off Top 28 fee of US$500. This will secure their position in the highest rounds for any event all year.

The 2014 Star Rating Event System for the Men's World Tour has been approved by the APB led by Alex Leon.

The new structure includes Mike Stewart, Guilherme Tamega, Craig Hadden, Jeff Hubbard, Mark McCarthy, Chico Garritano, Ryan Hardy, Karla Costa, and Diogo Marques.

The 2014 IBA World Tour Star System

1 Star: 1000 points
2 Star: 1200 points
3 Star: 1400 points
4 Star: 1600 points
5 Star: 1800 points
6 Star: 2000 points

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