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First, it was the KPWT and the IKO. Then came the PKRA, IKA and the IKF. Finally, the KSP was added to list.

In less than ten years, the kiteboarding planet has seen two world championships running at the same time and two governing bodies claiming the management of the class.

Kiteboarders dream of a place in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro, but stability is needed. The sport rules are in constant updates and new disciplines are being tested in crucial months for the future of kitesurfing.

While that's part of the natural evolution, it should be also time to focus and build layers of credibility amongst kiteboarding enthusiasts, amateur and professional competitors.

Kiteboarding can be as thrilling and media-friendly as any other wave sport. Surfers have been running a precise, well managed and fine-tuned world tour for a long time and that is a key factor to success and sponsoring.

When even the editor of a wave sports site gets dazed and confused with so many changes in a short period of time, at least we could ask ourselves a couple of questions?


Luis MP | Executive Manager |