Coca-Cola and Pepsi responsible for 25% of packaging pollution on UK beaches

May 14, 2019 | Environment
Coca-Cola: responsible 15.5 percent of packaging pollution on UK beaches | Photo: Creative Commons

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) unveiled the ten worst offenders when it comes to packaging pollution on British beaches.

Recently, the environmental organization held the biggest spring beach cleanup of its history. Around 45,000 people participated in the event.

But they didn't just tidy up Britain's beaches and surf spots. Everyone involved carefully categorized and counted up exactly what they found.

Surfers Against Sewage then analyzed all the data and identified 2019's worst parent companies for packaging pollution on UK beaches.

They are as follows:

1. Coca-Cola (15.5%)
2. Pepsico (10.3%)
3. Mondelez International (6.8%)
4. McDonald's (5.9%)
5. Nestlé (5.5%)
6. Suntory (4.7%)
7. Mars (4.0%)
8. Anheuser-Busch InBev (3.8%)
9. Haribo (3.7%)
10. Heineken International (2.9%)
Other Companies: 36.9%

No Time to Lose

"It's time to fight the corporations. They're making huge profits from cheap throwaway packaging while turtles, seals, whales, and birds pay the price," notes Ben Hewitt, director of campaigns and projects at SAS.

"Right now, the government is considering new legislation that would force companies to take responsibility for the damage they do with throwaway packaging."

"We've sent them a detailed report with the evidence from the Big Beach Clean - now we need everyone to help spread the word that these companies need to clean up their act," adds Hewitt.

Earlier this month, Surfers Against Sewage released a short film - "The Creature" - designed to inspire more people to join the #GenerationSea movement.

SAS is urging the national authorities and British Prime Minister, Theresa May, to put an end to the plastic catastrophe that is taking place around the nation's coastline.

"More than a quarter of a million people have watched 'The Creature.' It has been shared with more than five million people on social media, and the number of signatures on our petition to the government has nearly doubled!" concludes Ben Hewitt

"Behind every name is an individual with skills and ideas to build this movement and help turn the tide for ocean life."

Top 50 Polluting Brands On UK Beaches | Graphics: SAS