Goe Jo Pro: directly from NASA to kiteboarders

Ocean Rodeo’s industry leading reputation for innovation and design continues.

Based on the incredible success of the original Go Joe leashless board recovery device Ocean Rodeo has developed an entirely new Go Joe Pro.

While still in the prototype phase the all new, low profile Go Joe Pro has been designed as a complement to the original inflatable Go Joe.

The pre production prototype relies on a magnetic trigger to activate a pop-up EVA foam float. When deployed the buoyancy of the float rights an upturned board, and provides a sail like effect driving the board downwind towards the rider.

If activated, the float is easy to reset while on the water. The prototype Go Joe Pro is easily attached to your board via a simple snap connection with the board’s grab handle.

As you can imagine, once we commit to the final production moulds changes are tough to make so we want your feedback! Is this a product you want to see produced? What was your immediate reaction to this concept?

Our initial estimates have this product retailing at between $199 and $229 USD, far less than the cost of a lost board and well worth the safety of riding without a fixed leash.

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