Andreas Toverud: a giant jump over the Arctic Circle

Andreas Toverud has set a new world record for the longest kite jump of all time.

The kiteboarder jumped off from Leiråtind, a 1490-meter mountain peak located in the Arctic Circle, with a 10-meter Cabrinha FX kite. Toverud wanted to celebrate Norway's Constitution Day (17th May).

After climbing the mountain, the Norwegian rider was tired but excited to complete the stunt.

"Why do people hike up mountains voluntarily?" Andreas asked himself. With a camera, kite, board, and waist harness ready to go, it was time to fly.

Andreas Toverud flew for three minutes and fourteen seconds over the snowy mountain - that's 959.2 meters (3147 feet) - until touching down on a grass field.

"I had some gnarly wind gusts while landing." But he landed safely. 

Leiråtind is located in Norway's Nordland county.

Here, in the Arctic Circle, the sun can remain continuously above or below the horizon for 24 hours during the June and December solstices.

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