Carlos Mario: your new 2018 GKA Kiteboarding World Tour champion | Photo: Van der Heide/GKA

Carlos Mario and Mikaili Sol have been crowned 2018 GKA Kiteboarding World Tour champions, in Fehmarn, Germany.

The inaugural edition of the Air Games is over, and the Brazilians have reasons to celebrate. At the end of the season, Mario and Sol have raised the green-and-yellow flag.

The cold German waters ended up deciding the world champion in a winner-takes-it-all season showdown.

If Carlos Mario won another final, he and Jesse Richman would finish the tour on equal points, but the Brazilian would win on count-backs having won more times than the American.

If Jesse won - and he'd have to beat Carlos twice as he won the single elimination - the Hawaiian would have an overall points lead.

Despite all the efforts from Jesse, Mario's kite loop with late back roll, 317, and triple backroll secured him another world title.

"Before, I was training only for freestyle, but I knew that I needed to do big airs and board-offs," explained Carlos Mario.

"So I started to learn them in Tarifa and continued in the Dominican Republic. I had to train hard to be able to do them and win. I worked a lot, and now I have to thank God for this result."

On the women's side, and on the last day of competition, Mikaili Sol knew she only needed to win a single heat to take the world title. And that was precisely what the 13-year-old did.

"In this final, I was really stressful. In the beginning, I wasn't making it, but then I switched on, and I made it. I feel amazing. I feel super stoked for winning it, and I can't wait for next year," expressed Sol.

2018 GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Air Games | Top 4

1. Carlos Mario (BRA) 6,234
2. Jesse Richman (USA) 6,234
3. Maxime Chabloz (SWI) 5,871

1. Mikaili Sol (BRA) 6,300
2. Hannah Whiteley (UK) 6,201
3. Pippa van Iersel (NED) 6,102

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