Kiteboarding 4 Cancer: amazing event

2010 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer and SUP 4 Cancer events over the weekend raised over $71,000 for regional cancer programs! Of that, the KB4C athletes raised over $40,000 alone, which is matched by the generosity of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation to bring that number to $80,000!

Nearly perfect conditions of warm breeze and hot sunny skies brought out the crowds for this year’s KB4C to watch 130 + kiteboarders take to the Columbia River for the annual Kite Derby fundraiser. Event Director Tonia Farman summed up the weekend.

“This was our best Kiteboard 4 Cancer to date! The kiteboarding community has stepped up again in a huge way — not only to participate in the race and events but to support this cause and the fabulous local programs that we benefit. “

“This year was more unique and powerful than in years’ past in that there was a strong connection at the event between the athletes and the people and programs they were riding for — In attendance of the event were survivors, people in treatment, kids in remission, and friends and families going through their own battle with someone they love. Connecting faces and real-life experiences to the purpose of this event is very meaningful and powerful for all involved — athletes, donors, volunteers, and the organizers.”

“I am so proud of the energy, commitment, and generosity that kiteboarding has brought to this community — both locally here in Hood River, and across the Pacific Northwest. Each year I’m blown away by the kiteboarders that travel from all over to be here for this cause and our community.”

Kite Derby athletes from as far as New York and Florida battled it out on the river for 6 hours in big swell and variable wind conditions to raise money and awareness for regional cancer programs — The Next Door Inc. in Hood River, Children’s Healing Art Project in Portland, Children’s Hospital Seattle, and KB4C’s Survivorship Camps.

The KB4C teams highlighted the weekend with contagious group energy of fun and competitive fervor. Teams had to hand off their one-team jersey as a baton, by first landing their kite, swapping the jersey to the next person, then re-launching the kite. In the last hour of the kite derby, KB4C raised the bar for all competitors to go out and kite laps for donors to pledge per lap dollars for all of the combined laps in the final hour. Over $3,000 was raised in the last hour of the kite derby alone from this challenge! Over 400 laps were tallied in the final hour of the kite derby!

Team REAL Wind Ninjas from Hatteras, North Carolina, traveled to compete as a team for those in their families who have and are, battling cancer. Team Seals from Portland, Oregon, rode for their Team Captain, Derek Seals, who survived germ cell tumors in 2007 and represented at the event to cheer his team on. Team 2nd Wind Sports/Urban Flora rode for Irv Stein and Steve Fisher, two local kiteboarders who have battled cancer in the last two years, plus family members who recently passed from cancer.

Team 2nd Wind Sports/Urban Flora won the Team Relay portion of the Kite Derby with 31 laps. Team Trew from Hood River came in 2nd with 25 laps, and Team REAL Wind Ninjas from North Carolina took 3rd with 23 laps.

In the individual category, Kiteboarding pioneer and Hood River local Cory Roessler claimed the top honors with a total of 35 laps. Alex Blochinger, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, took second with 32 laps, and Stevenson resident Tony Bolstad came in third with 31 laps. Each of the top three finishers has placed in the top three spots in previous KB4C kite derbys.

Cory Roessler, Alex Blochinger, and Tony Bolstad take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively in the Individual Kite Derby

Cory Roessler, a legend in the sport of kiteboarding, put it into perspective perfectly as he took his trophy and prizes at Saturday night’s award ceremony:

“Today we may have suffered from sore muscles and cramps… but it’s a small price to pay for such a worthwhile cause.”

Race Results:

Cory Roessler – 35 laps
Alex Blochinger – 32 laps
Tony Bolstad – 31 laps

Top Women:
Jaz De Lille – 24 laps
Carol Bolstad – 25 laps

Team Winners:
2nd Wind Sports - 31 laps: Pepi Gerald, Irv Stein, Jason Wynn, Nate Appel
Team Trew - 25 laps: Tripp Frey, Lance Koudele, Ryan Huggins, Felix Granados
REAL Wind Ninjas – 23 laps: Jason Slezak, Sensi Graves, Chris Stuckey, Dominique Granger

Top Under 18:
Eric Devries – Merril – 25 laps

All Individual Competitors:
35 laps – Cory Roessler
32 – Alex Blochinger
31 – Tony Bolstad
29 – Jason Norwood
28 – Dave Hazenboom
27 – Vagi Gabor
27 – Phillip Schonger
27 – Grom Gormley
27 – Nick Ward
25 – Luc Rancourt
25 – Carol Bolstad
25 – Eric Devries – Merril
24 – Jeff Castleberry
24 – Jaz De Lille
22 – [Jersey #2]
21 – Scott Edgar
21 – Mike Haase
21 – Matthew Dawson
20 – Jodi Craig
18 – Derek Fromm
18 – Jason Jorgensen
17 – Holly Low
16 – Michael Dewitt
15 – Levi Roesler
15 – Jim Buttrick
14 – Brian Greenleaf
13 – Allen Beeler
13 – Jim Mason
12 – Neil Erwin
12 – Rachel Callahan
11 – Austin Keillor
11 – Gary Rhodes
10 – Ken Lie
10 – Robert Redman
9 – Sam Dent
9 – Jake Chanson
9 – Terri Flicek
9 – Dave Guttierrez
8 – Jose Gruart
8 – Man Cong
8 – Carl Davison

8 – Colin Jacobs
8 – Sean Reyngoudt
7 – Derry McIntyre
7 – Nicholas Cooper
5 – Laird Davis
5 – Brian Yates
5 – Andrea Esno
5 – Pat Erwin
4 – Brian Schurton
4 – Trey Roesler
4 – Ed Elsasser
4 – Margy Johnson
4 – Jenna Edginton
4 – Daniel Dancer
3 – Floyd Moore
3 – Alana Burny
3 – John Gilman
3 – John Carroll
2 – Kari Swarztrauber
2 – Kathleen Brogan Gruart
2 – Mark Davis
2 – Marybeth Zingarelli
2 – Shane Eagan
2 – Becky Bishop
2 – Andy O’Brien

21 – Kite Seals – Tony Colburn, Jim Schenk, Ryan Schenk, and Lance Larivee
21 – Gorge Performance – Brian Campagna, Justin Snodgrass, Becky Bolstad, Brian Jackson
20 – 2nd Wind Chicks – Anna Weber, Arla Funk, Claire Lutz, Lisa Tedford
20 – NW Kite Crew/Tribute to Kevin Kearney – James Erjavec, Toby Winston, Phil Holmstrand, John Stack
20 – Hood River Kite Rats – Ken Lucas, Vetea Boersma, Nick Dancer, Jan Booersma
5 – Cross Fit Hood River – Jeri McMaster, Denise Ward, Katie Rae, Nicole Homstrand
5 – Never Petered Out – Peter Ackerman, Peter Nora, Peter Carlson, Bob Overell
4 – Taking it Slowly - Jamie Lieberman, Mike Klotz, Mike Ketchem, Dan Temkin

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