Didier Botta just went kiteboarding with a skate

June 1, 2017 | Kiteboarding
Didier Botta: skateboarding with a kite down the road

Didier Botta is often seen controlling his kite in the water or down snowy mountains. But, this time, the French had less orthodox plans.

Kiteboarding is an incredibly versatile sport. You can ride with the wind in the water, in the snow, and on land. All you need is the right kite for each occasion.

However, Didier Botta wanted to try something different. So he grabbed his skateboard, launched his kite, and hit the asphalt. The French even found time to pick up a flower on the way down the road.

What do you call this unusual joint-venture between kiteboarding and skateboarding? Skiteboarding? Kite skating? Whatever you choose, it's all about the fun you get riding the countryside roads - on wheels and feeling the wind.

Just make sure the wind conditions suit the road you want to ride, wear a helmet, and never try this on busy city streets.

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