Old kites: you can always get a new tent | Photo: Kiteboarding Tampa Bay

Have you ever asked yourself what to do with an old kite? Take a look at a few things you can create by recycling your disintegrated wing. Discover new uses for your old kite sail. 

Modern kites are robust and quite durable, but nothing stands the test of time, especially if you're an avid kiteboarder constantly pushing the sport's limits in 30-knot-plus winds.

Repairs in the kite canopy can extend the lifetime of your favorite sail, but you will reach a point where nothing can be done to resuscitate a ten-year-old kite.

But should you just put it in the trash can and get a new one? Absolutely not. Recycling is the art of getting new uses for old items, including kites.

Picture this: a kiteboarding kite is a large, durable ripstop polyester fabric. If you cut it into smaller pieces, there's a lot you can do with them.

Old kites: kite bags are cool and easy to make | Photo: Rubbish Design

Recycling Kite Ideas

So, instead of letting your old kite be abandoned in the corner of your garage, be creative and recycle/upcycle it.

Here are a few innovative ideas for your deteriorated kite wing:

  1. Hammocks;
  2. Shopping bags;
  3. Trendy bags;
  4. Inflatable beach tents;
  5. Ceiling and wall decorations;
  6. Umbrellas;
  7. Summer jumpsuits;
  8. Shower curtains;
  9. Tablecloths;
  10. Wetsuit changing mats;
  11. Car/motorbike covers;
  12. Sandbags;
  13. Contemporary art objects;
  14. Pillows;
  15. Changing ponchos;
  16. Sleeping bags;
  17. Windbreaker jackets;
  18. Small trainer kites;
  19. Bean bags;
  20. Canvas frames;
  21. Gift wraps;
  22. Tarps for tarp surfing;
  23. Windsurfing sails;
  24. Wallets;
  25. Beach windbreakers;

Need a new kite?

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