Kevin Langeree does something unreasonably dangerous

April 13, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Amsterdam: not a reasonable kite spot, Kevin

Kevin Langeree went kiteboarding in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, during one of the strongest wind storms of the year.

On the 31st March, 2015, the Dutch rider living in Cape Town, South Africa, decided to do something unreasonable. But before you read and watch the rest of the story, and as a wise advice, please don't try this at in your local town.

Anyway, under 50+ knots of wind, Kevin took to the water for an urban kiteboard session in Amsterdam. He had one goal: reach Amsterdam Central Station and not to get busted by the police along the way.

"I love challenging myself with riding big waves, learning the newest tricks, jumping as big as I can and riding crazy locations," explains the man himself, the outlaw Kevin Langeree.

"So I grabbed my kite and board and made sure to capture this unreasonable stunt from every angle. What a sick experience that was. Unpredictable winds, obstacles like oil tankers and ferries were trying to stop me from making it down to Central station."

Despite the extreme weather conditions and the busy Amsterdam Canal, Langeree survived the high jumps and wipeouts, and escaped the local authorities. Come on, that's unreasonable, Kevin.

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