Zoon, Langeree and Jacobsen perform innovative kite stunt

August 27, 2014 | Kiteboarding
2 Up, 1 Down: Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobsen get innovative

Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree, and Nick Jacobsen have developed a unique method of kiteboarding together.

Youri Zoon said he always enjoys a great time when Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobsen join him for a kiteboarding session.

This time, they've tried something completely different. And quite dangerous, so don't copycat.

The stunt has never been tested before. They've named it "2 Up, 1 Down".

So, if it's done in kiteboarding, you can easily imagine what it is. Some of these riders were so smart, they've forgotten their kites.

Confused? Let's see.

Nick Jacobsen was the first in line. Next was Kevin Langeree, and finally, Youri Zoon.

The three kiteboarders were connected by a thick rope, which meant the first two got up in the air.

Zoon took command of the fleet. He was driving Langeree and Jacobsen wherever he wanted.

Fortunately, Jacobsen is not afraid of heights because he stood up high in the air for quite a long time.

All's well that ends well. After inventing a new way of experiencing kiteboarding, the intrepid sailors touched land safely.