Kiteboarding gangsters spread fear in Uruau

December 9, 2015 | Kiteboarding
The Most Gangsta Kite Movie: spreading fear at Uruau

Laci Kobulsky has filmed of all time, in Uruau, Brazil. And it surely is an aggressive clip.

Eastern Cerá is one of the best kiteboarding regions in South America. With reliable southeastern trade winds, multiple flat water lagoons and wave spots, it's a dream destination.

The tropical savannah climate inspired a group of world-class riders. Stefan Spiessberger, Paul Serin, Marc Toth, Mario Rodwald, and a few more delivered a delicious performance. Have they pulled all tricks of the freestyle kite manual?

"No time for jokes in this video with full-on gangsta kite action of brave 'homiez' in Uruau. Flat water and perfect steady winds here allow our guys to show their full potential!" wrote Laci Kobulsky, the camera man.

Paul Serin said it was "Uruau at its best." We won't argue on that. Surrounded by warm air temperatures and blue waters, the boys really looked by kite gangsters.

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