Supertubos: a pounding beach break | Photo: Scholtz/WSL

A Russian kitesurfer died at Supertubos, in Peniche, Portugal. It was the first time someone died practicing water sports at the spot.

The 34-year-old kiteboarder was riding his wing in challenging ocean conditions at the famous beach break when, suddenly, he broke his board and struggled in the surf.

Local surfers were able to bring him back to the beach, and he was later transported to the Peniche hospital.

Despite receiving basic life support, doctors and paramedics were not successful in reviving him, and death was declared.

Supertubos, also known as the "European Pipeline," is a pounding beach break located south of Peniche. On bigger days, it produces hollow and heavy barrels.

It is mostly considered a surfing and bodyboarding spot, and it is rare to see kitesurfers or windsurfers sailing through waves.

If you're riding a kite in extreme ocean conditions, make sure to learn how to wipe out safely, and re-read the top 10 safety directives for kiteboarders.

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