Francisco Lufinha: en route to kite crossing the Atlantic Ocean between Azores and mainland Portugal | Photo: Lufinha

In September 2017, professional kitesurfers Francisco Lufinha and Anke Brandt kite crossed the Atlantic Ocean between the Azores and mainland Portugal.

The Portuguese-German duo took turns of morning and night shifts, and after nine days of sailing, they were finally able to complete the 888-nautical-mile (1,646 kilometers) journey.

Lufinha and Brandt set a new Guinness World Record, but the adventure - named Kitesurf Odyssey - was not a smooth ride.

They faced powerful swells, big waves, tricky shifty winds, strong currents, and sudden wind drops. It was a tough challenge for the body but also the mind.

World Record Kitesurf Odyssey | Azores 2017

Two years after the feat, Francisco Lufinha is launching a documentary that reveals the full story of the expedition between the island and mainland Europe.

"World Record Kitesurf Odyssey | Azores 2017" unveils the obstacles and ordeals the team of nine had to face to overcome the elements and push themselves to the limits to try to get to the finish line.

The 55-minute film will be available on September 4, 2019, via In the meantime, Lufinha is already designing his upcoming quest.

"I am already working on a new and much bolder project that will take place around the world," Lufinha told SurferToday.

"Although still in an initial seed phase, I call tell you that the challenge will involve a boat and a kite, all in one."

Stay tuned for more on Lufinha's world record-breaking feats.

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