One Design proposed to save Formula Kite

November 4, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Formula Kite: is the class ready for One Design? | Photo: Icarus Sailing Media

The Polish Kiteboarding Association (PKA) has proposed the creation of the "white board concept", in which Formula riders compete on identical boards, fins and kites.

The PKA believes that the One Design proposal will encourage racers to join contests, making it cheaper and more competitive. There would be one board, a kite design and three fin designs.

"Formula Kite can be saved only with radical moves. With the present 'box rule' we may disappear from the sailing world soon," explains Marek Rowinski, president of PKA, who will need two-thirds majority in the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) in order to change class rules.

Rowinski is battling foil kites, which he believes are destroying the competitive appeal of Formula Kite. Markus Schwendtner, CEO at IKA, disagrees with the Polish proposal.

"I think should be discussed. But it's not going to be accepted, in my opinion. I don't see it happening for at least two or three years. It needs a lot of preparation."

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