Seychelles: a Royal kiteboarding arena

Prince William keeps making the headlines with his water sports skills. After spending his bachelor party hitting the waves of the United Kingdom, the British monarch tried a new ride in the Indian Ocean.

William went kitesurfing in Seychelles during his honeymoon with Kate Middleton.

With strong trade winds and huge waves, this island country gets the best weather conditions for wave sports.

"Kate was tempted to try it because she’s quite adventurous but she preferred relaxing on a sun-lounger and watching Wills do it. He’s got quite good at it," a Daily Star source revealed. had already reported the addiction of the British Royal family for water activities. In the late 1970s, Prince Charles went windsurfing in Australia.

Back in that time, Windsurfer One Design equipment was a must-have, and you didn't need a harness to enjoy the winds and flat waters of oceans and lakes.

Prince William has already surfed and kitesurfed. Let's see if he completes the wave checklist.

There's still windsurfing and bodyboarding before being crowned King of Water Sports.

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