Richard Branson: Susi Mai, Alison Di Spaltro and Alice need a ride | Photo: Christian Black

Richard Branson has gone kiteboarding with Susi Mai, Alison DiSpaltro, and Alice on his back at Necker Island to break the Guinness World Record for the most people riding a kitesurf board.

The Virgin mogul likes a good controversy. In 2009, Sir Richard Branson went kiteboarding with naked model Denni Parkinson on his back in the British Virgin Islands.

The images spread around the world and later forced him to explain that it was an idea from photographer Stephane Gautronneau.

Now, there are more ladies onboard. Pro surfer Susi Mai decided to play with the media once again. In bikini mode, the blonde beauty asked for a ride, and she got one.

"People often ask if the image [with Denni Parkinson] (it wasn't!). Susi said we could do better than that," reveals Richard Branson.

"We've taken on lots of challenges over the years and have even broken some kitesurfing world records, so we were confident we could do it."

"First, we tried two people on one kiteboard, with Susi getting on my back. Then we went for the other way around, with Susi getting on the board in front of me", explains the Virgin boss.

After successfully getting two people up on one kiteboard, Susi Mai challenged Richard Branson to see if they could get three people up on a kite. Success. Alison Di Spaltro is not heavy.

A third kite girl - Alice - joined the party, and a new Guinness World Record has been established. Four on a kiteboard.

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