King Philippe of Belgium: the monarch is a passionate kitesurfer

Kitesurfing is a popular sport among CEOs, executives, and politicians. Richard Branson, for example, is a regular kitesurfer and a world record holder.

The businessman even organizes the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada, a large kiteboarding event that attracts thousands of enthusiasts every year.

But we had never seen monarchs riding kites.

The truth is that the official Belgian Monarchy Twitter and YouTube accounts posted a homemade video of Philippe, King of the Belgians, kitesurfing in Knokke.

"I am not allowed to say much about it, but I can confirm that the King comes here to kitesurf. I taught him how to do it a few years ago," revealed Frank Vanleenhove, owner of Surfers Paradise, a surfing center based in Knokke.

"The King learned very fast, but his only handicap is his lack of time. He doesn't need anyone to accompany him, and he's very good at planning it by himself."

Despite suffering from chronic back pain, Philippe of Belgium wanted to wish everyone a joyful summer and happy holidays to everyone. And he proved to be a terrific rider.

The Royal Palace of Brussels confirmed that King Philippe, 57, enjoys all kinds of sports, including hiking and kitesurfing.

King Philippe is not alone in the wind sports world. He can call Prince Charles and schedule a session together.

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