Riding kites through the icebergs of Iceland

August 29, 2016 | Kiteboarding
Reno Romeu: riding his kite through icebergs | Photo: Reno Romeu

Reno Romeo and JD Edde have ridden their kites in the land of fire and ice.

The Brazilian kiteboarders traveled to Iceland to push the limits and break the rules of their sport. They wanted to ride the cold winds and slide across giant platforms of ice.

It was a freezing, dangerous challenge for the duo, but they brought splendid experiences, frostbites, and breathtaking footage.

"Sailing through icebergs is an absurdly different experience for any kiteboarder in this world. The cold was maddening, but that natural park with obstacles of the most diverse sizes, types, and shapes, gave us the impression that we were daydreaming," JD, 30, told Go Outside.

"What surprised me most was the fact that Iceland is a beautiful place, with countless scenarios of natural beauty - sea, snow, waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers and wildlife - but that kite session flying over icebergs was incredible."

Romeo and Edde's cold trip around Europe also included a visit to the Netherlands and snow kiteboarding in Norway.

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