Slingshot launches the Kite Foil Academy

October 17, 2016 | Kiteboarding
Slingshot Foil Academy: an online course for learning how to foil | Photo: Slingshot

Slingshot announced the launch of an online kite foiling course.

To get things started, the Slingshot Kite Foil Academy offers a free, step-by-step guide to hydrofoil kiteboarding. The 10-lesson series will help you understand if foiling is for you, and how it works.

The water sports company released 20 videos with 20 different tips for you to improve your riding. The lessons include preflight skills, equipment, assembly, early learning tools, safety procedures, as well as tacking, jibing and jumping tips.

Slingshot's Kite Foil Academy also allows students to discuss the courses, and get answers to their questions. The access to the newly launched online course is completely free.

"Like it or not, foiling is here to stay, which is great for your because it is one of kiteboarding's most fun and exciting new aspects," notes Alex Fox, team rider and brand manager at Slingshot.

"Foiling not only is one of the greatest sensations you can feel while kiteboarding, but it is also the insurance policy you need for saving your sessions. There is no wrong way to foil - you just have to have an open mind because the foil craze is here to stay."

Foiling is an intermediate-to-advanced discipline of kiteboarding. If you're willing to give it a go, discover the user-friendly Slingshot Foil Academy, and the freedom it provides, even in light winds.

But the brand will not restrict its foiling courses to kiteboarding. Slingshot is already preparing the windsurfing, wakeboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding versions.