Toby Brauer: he lives in the air, with style

"Airstyle - Strictly Hooked" is the new kiteboarding DVD from experienced trickster Toby Brauer. Prepare to learn 666 maneuvers.

Toby Brauer is one of the best old school airstylist in the world of kiteboarding. The "Airstyle" DVD is his latest adventure, in which he teaches how to pull the "Barefoot Slide Backroll", among many other near-impossible tricks.

The rider believes that the "media and events pushed in different directions, which lead the sport away from its origin and at the end it even takes people away to other sports".

Brauer wants to prove that airstyle is the discipline who gets the most "wows" on the beach, with its unique tricks, and may be considered the number one kiteboarding show discipline on the water, in the next years.

"Unfortunately many people miss inspiration and ride wrong gear. The DVD will help to rethink about your gear to keep progressing and shows over 600 tricks of different areas of Airstyle to inspire you", reveals Toby Brauer.

"We will explain the main elements of airstyle. After watching the Airstyle DVD you will be wanting to go out to the water and try new tricks you just saw, since we show tricks for every riding level", he adds.

There are stories and reasons behind the 666 tricks featured in the "Airstyle - Strictly Hooked" DVD.

"In the Hebrew language the number 6 stands for the letter 'W'. So 666 means 'WWW', which stands for 'World Wide Web'. Due to my websites I owe the internet the greatest part of my life, so this means a big "thank you" to the www for me".

Also, in Kabalistic Judaism, 666 is the number which represents the creation and perfection of the world. The world was created in six day, there are six cardinal directions.

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