Windsurfing medallists support kiteboarding's 2016 Olympic bid

April 25, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Christoph Sieber: Austrian windsurfing treasure

Gal Fridman, Michael "Gebi" Gebhardt, Christoph Sieber, Jan Boersma, Jan Boersma and Scott Steele have shown their support to kiteboarding's 2016 Olympic bid. What do they have in common?

The answer may cause controversy, but they are all Olympic gold, medal and bronze medallists in the sport of windsurfing. Following the positive report from the ISAF officials during the Kiteboarding Trials in Santander, these Olympic windsurfers decided to back kiters in their Rio de Janeiro dream.

"Kiteboarding allows emerging nations to easily and inexpensively start Olympic campaigns, as athletes can become proficient in this sport very quickly", says Gal Fridman, 2004 Olympic gold medallist.

"Kiteboarding is intuitive to learn, attractive and exciting to watch, easy on the body, addictively powerful and makes the sailor feel weightless when sailing. Kiting attracts surfers, windsurfers, snowboarders, wakeboarders, snow skiers and sailors alike", adds Michael Gebhardt, 1992 Olympic silver medallist.

"We have to get our Olympic sailing sports up to date today to be able to see the tomorrow - less money, less plastic – and more athletic kids having healthy fun. It’s time for sailing to embrace the future now", defends Christoph Sieber, 2000 Olympic gold medallist.

"Windsurfing was the coolest and purest form of sailing sports back then, like Kiting is now, appealing to the youth looking for a fast, fun, inexpensive and modern Olympic sailing experience", sustains Jan Boersma, 1988 Olympic silver medallist.

"Kiteboarding is perfect for allowing emerging nations to compete with the superpowers of sailing and can be sailed by a wide range of competitor body weights", sums ups Scott Steele, 1984 Olympic silver medallist.