Nick Jacobsen: jumping off an 84-meter Caribbean mountain | Photo:

What would kiteboarding be without Nick Jacobsen's creative, death-defying stunts?

This time, the Danish big air specialist literally launched into orbit somewhere in a deserted and Caribbean island.

The mission, which he embraced with all his natural enthusiasm, started with a hike up the mountain surrounded by trees, bushes, and cactus and under hot temperatures.

In the final stage, the team had to climb a few rocks in order to get to the top of the elevation.

When they finally reached the peak, Jacobsen raised a simple question: "how are we going to launch a kite up here?"

A Tricky Launch Pad

The challenge was indeed extreme. Nick and his crew had no space to rig the kite, and there were too many trees getting in the middle of the lines.

However, team effort paid off, and the daredevil was able to get his wing flying up in the blue skies.

The wind was gusty, and Nick Jacobsen was on a 12-meter kite. It was now or never.

The kiteboarder launched off from an 84-meter mountain and slowly made his descent toward the blue water of the Caribbean.

"Wow! That was sketchy! It was a little scary," expressed Jacobsen seconds after landing smoothly on the liquid surface, 25 meters ahead of the cliff.

"In the beginning, I was lifted, went super high and then I dropped 15 or 20 meters, and the wind got super gusty. Luckily, I managed to pull it off."

Nick Jacobsen dedicated this jump to the memory of Jérôme Cauwet.

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