Truck Binding System (TBS) change the riding setup of your skateboard in five seconds | Photo: TBS

Imagine being able to choose your skate setup - trucks and wheels - based on the spot or road you want to ride on.

Each skateboarding discipline - longboarding, street, cruising, downhill, etc. - requires its own type of trucks and wheels.

With the new Truck Binding System (TBS), you can change your trucks (and wheels) in seconds without any tools, allowing you to select the best setup for the style of skating you want to do and the spot you want to ride.

My name is Aurélien Duffo, and I am a young French mechanical engineer with a passion for skateboarding and longboarding.

I designed and developed TBS for skate enthusiasts who own multiple boards and seek more versatile sessions and greater convenience during skate commutes.

TBS: the Truck Binding System is sturdy, durable and made of stainless steel | Photo: TBS

The Birth of an Idea

During a trip where I wanted to commute on my skateboard, test skate street spots, and do some freeride downhill, I thought that a system for changing trucks and wheels would be the perfect solution to adapt to each site I encountered.

Without it, I was bringing a board with a versatile setup that worked but wasn't ideal and suitable for every practice.

After having the idea, I went through a four-year development process.

Around ten skaters from various riding styles created and tested dozens of prototypes to ensure a safe product.

It was essential for me to offer a reliable and well-thought-out system before producing it in large quantities.

Considering the forces that trucks endure in skateboarding, designing such a piece was not easy.

My goal was to provide a system tailored for skateboarding that is durable and has the lowest possible environmental impact.

That's why the system is compatible with all modern trucks featuring the four new school holes. So, for example, with TBS, there's no need to purchase new trucks.

You need a deck with eight new drillings, but this can be done on most boards.

Virtually all the equipment skateboarders currently own can be used.

The design aimed to offer a durable product and reduce the energy required to produce each piece.

It evolved to better withstand skateboarding and function well over time: the most fragile parts are now repairable, and some are made of stainless steel to ensure the longest possible lifespan.

Truck Binding System: the gadget that allows frequent travelers to quickly disassemble the trucks for easy storage of the board | Photo: TBS

The Multiple Uses of TBS

Skateboarders, longboarders, and surf-skaters may use TBS for different reasons.

  1. Skateboarders can switch from a regular skateboard to a cruiser and avoid uncomfortable journeys with inappropriate skate wheel hardness. They can transition from very hard wheels for the skatepark to larger, softer wheels that smooth out road imperfections;
  2. Some skateboarders also use the system to quickly switch to a new skateboard when they break their current board. In this case, the system is mounted on two decks and only one set of trucks;
  3. For those who have boards for different styles, the system is used on a versatile deck that can be equipped with various pairs of trucks, such as traditional kingpin trucks, reverse kingpin trucks, surfskate trucks, and more. Wheels can also vary;
  4. For surfskaters, the system can be used to change surfskate trucks, with each truck having a different feel or program. For example, switching from a Smoothstar Thruster to a Carver CX truck;
  5. Lastly, an application that appeals to frequent travelers: the ability to disassemble the trucks for easy storage of the board in a bag or car and the option to carry the skateboard as carry-on luggage when flying;

Key Features of the Truck Binding System

The system has been specifically designed for skateboarding, ensuring minimal elevation of the trucks.

Thanks to its low weight, skateboarders won't notice a difference and can perform their usual tricks.

  • Thickness Under the Truck: 1⁄5 inches / 5 mm;
  • Total Weight: 130 grams / 0.29 pounds;
  • Materials: Aluminum and stainless steel;
  • Compatibility: The system is compatible with all trucks featuring new school holes;
  • Deck: To offer the thinnest possible system, TBS Skate Co. has chosen to provide a system with eight different holes compared to the usual drillings. A template is provided for DIY drilling, or four specific board shapes are available;
  • Price: During the crowdfunding campaign, the system is available at €69 for the pack, which includes the bindings for one deck and two pairs of trucks. The eventual retail price will be €119;

TBS is currently in crowdfunding mode via and

Words by Aurélien Duffo | Mechanical Engineer and Founder of TBS Skate Co.

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