John Akerman wins 2012 Sea Bright Skim Bash

June 28, 2012 | Skimboarding
John Akerman: no hands aerial-to-victory

John Akerman has conquered the 2012 Sea Bright Skim Bash, in New Jersey, held in sunny skies and small wave conditions. Akerman took the Pro division in style.

Skimboarders participated with all their enthusiasm in a great event. Trophies were delivered in a wide variety of categories, from Mini and Women to Masters, Juniors and Semi-Pro, etc.

The Zap Skimboards crew has reasons to celebrate. The brand's team of professional skimmers took the first, the second and the third place in the Pro division. John Akerman was followed by Dave Armstrong and Max Smetts.

Steff Mags won the Women's title at the 2012 Sea Bright Skim Bash, while Ed Hayden got gold in the Masters division. Colton Wallace was the best Semi-Pro and Blake Gupko was crowned winner of the Menehunes.

2012 Sea Bright Skim Bash | Results

Pro Division

1) John Akerman, 2) Dave Armstrong, 3) Max Smetts, 4) Daniel McDonald, 5) Troy Rhoten, 6) Shawn Kenny


1) Colton Wallace, 2) Sam McCoy, 3) Kyle Calandra


1) Blake Gupko, 2) John Gray, 3) Aidan Stevenson


1) Eddie Dixon, 2) Casey Ritzer, 3) Ian Kenny

Jr Men

1) Mickey Kendall, 2) Matt Buchanan, 3) Sam McCoy

Mini Division

1) Michael Sibilia, 2) Alex Scheckells, 3) Maddox Gipko


1) Steff Mags, 2) Ellen Wood, 3) Siobhan McAuliffe


1) Jake Luke, 2) Colton Wallace, 3) Gordon Levine

Sr Men

1) Wyatt Krapf, 2) Tom Bracht, 3) C.J. Tracy


1) Ed Hayden, 2) Brett Mahon, 3) David Balloqui


1) Erik Leaman, 2) Toby West, 3) Brice Roughton

Sr Grandmaster

1) Colin Mahon

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