Lucas Fink: the world's next skimboarding star | Photo: Exile Skimboards

Lucas Fink was born on the 24th August, 1998. The skimboarder from Rio de Janeiro has been showing impressive natural talents. Recently, Fink won the Brazilian Skimboarding Championships. Let's review the math: yes, he's only 16.

Lucas Fink started skimming at nine years of age, and he is already riding for Exile Skimboards. The Brazilian star is a regular at Ipanema Beach in Rio, but his favorite spot is Sununga.

"My first time was in Leblon, with some friends and a wooden board. I train there and in Ipanema, where I live. At 11, I was already competing," reveals Fink.

"In the beginning, I didn't travel to some contests because my parents couldn't go, and I was very young. I'm still young; I travel alone, but when it's possible, they come with me."

Now that he's turned professional, Fink prepares to conquer the world of skimboarding with a bang. Fortunately, he keeps his school studies while competing at the highest level.

The 2014 Brazilian Skimboarding Championships was completely dominated by the young rider.

Lucas Fink won both the Sununga and Copa Vila Velha stages with a full display of 360s, crazy aerials, sliced carves, and barrels.

In his short yet intense skimboarding career, he collected two amateur skimboarding world titles.

Get ready for Lucas Fink, a flavored skimmer from the sands of Rio de Janeiro.

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