Renato Lima: making all Brazilian skimboarders proud | Photo: LagunaSoCal

Renato Lima has raised the Brazilian flag higher at the 2016 Sununga Skim Festival, held in Sununga Beach, São Paulo.

The United Skim Tour is having trouble getting a full schedule for the 2016 season, but the first stage has already been run. The finals had spectacular wave conditions, and all skimboarders put out a spectacular show.

The Brazilian skimboarding capital delivered the usual shore break madness, and the locals used their knowledge to control the entire competition in front of hundreds of fans. The Expression Session was also won by another well-known Brazilian, Leandro Azevedo.

The men's pro final was easily the most exciting moment of the event. Lima had to defeat a former world champion to make history. And, with the help coming from the beach, he managed to beat Blair Conklin. The crowd erupted, and the Brazilian flags flew in the sky.

"I have no words to describe the emotions I am feeling. Everyone knows how much I battled for this to happen. I hit the post many times and fell short. Thank you to all the people supporting me on the beach. It was really emotional," expressed Lima.

2016 Sununga Skim Festival | Results

Pro Men
1. Renato Lima (BRA)
2. Blair Conklin (EUA)
3. Pablo Marreco (BRA)
3. Perry Pruitt (EUA)

Pro Women
1. Júlia Santos (BRA)
2. Vivian Grieco (BRA)
3. Alexandra Badia (EUA)
4. Pipa Pinto (POR)

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