Hawaii Amateur Skimboarding League 2012: skimming is popular in Hawaii

Kyle "Little Man" Olson has conquered the second stage of the Hawaii Amateur Skimboarding League 2012 season, held at Yokohama Bay.

With small waves, sunny skies and gusty winds, all skimmers had to show their talent in more challenging conditions. The result was superb and proved that skimboard is capable of displaying high performances in difficult conditions.

In the Men's Pro division, Kyle Olson was followed by David Sterman and Anthony "Ace" Conlon. On the West side of Oahu, Keiao Gucwa Bucasas took the Women's category, Ka’eo Milles kept the 23 & Up title, while Puali Solomon won the 22 & Under division.

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Paulo Prietto: skimboarding hell moment at The Wedge

The Wedge, in Newport Beach, California, is often named as a bodyboarding wave. It's deep, vertical, tubular, irregular and powerful. Some surfers like to challenge and the results are obvious. Broken legs, ribs and bruises.

Paulo Prietto has been skimboarding for a long time. In the above photo, he shows us how to make thing possible, from impossible missions. The wave looks like it was produced for him.

The Wedge delivered a strong winter season. Before the boring "Black Ball" period, skimboarders enjoy their last waves in Newport Beach. From shore to shore, they negotiate the small seaside swell, get past the random wedge and finish in full glory, back in the sand.

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Skimboarding tricks: slide and splash

East Coast Skimboards and Monkey Business have teamed up to reward the best progressive skimboarders of the world's greatest wedges.

The skimming brands will be delivering $100 to the best trick of the month. The best trick at the end of the three months will receive an additional $150 and a prize pack featuring a limited edition George Bryan Pro Model Monkey Business Skateboard.

The concept is simple and rad. The difficulty of the trick will be the main focus of the competition, not the quality of the wave or terrain. The rider must get on their board with a standard run, drop, and slide technique.

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