Haydenshapes Flagship Store: surf shops are changing | Photo: HS

Should surfboards be treated like high fashion items? Why not? Australian surfboard company Haydenshapes has opened its flagship store in Sydney. And it's shockingly impressive.

Surfboards. Where are they now? Where will they be in the future? Hayden Cox is redefining the way we enjoy the surf shop experience. To get things started, he replaced the classic colored environment by a black-and-white conceptual look.

The brand new flagship store by Haydenshapes allows customers to design a surfboard in store using HSSudio, a 360-degree touchscreen custom board shaping software. You can also take a virtual reality tour through the brands manufacturing facility and creative space using Samsung's Gear VR.

Haydenshapes Flagship Store: virtual reality enters surfing | Photo: HS

Haydenshapes Flagship Store: who said surfboards can't be treated like high fashion items? | Photo: HS

"The idea of the store was to create a space where we could invite people in to experience the brand and what we are about through a range of different elements," explains Hayden Cox.

"Aesthetically, we opted for something unique and minimalistic with concrete, white and black tones throughout. Hayden personally designed each piece in store from the angular concrete furniture to the leather fixtures and racking."

Haydenshapes' flagship store also sells surfwear, gear, wetsuits, fins, traction pads and other surf accessories by Bassike, Saturdays Surf NYC, Huf, Stolen, and Vissla.

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