Tom Schaar: 1080 means three complete skate spins

Tom Schaar has successfully the first ever 1080 - three complete spins -, the holy grail of all skateboard tricks. The 12-year-old skateboarding prodigy has been riding for eight years and has just accomplished the biggest dream of his life.

Tom had been trying it in the biggest skateboarding in world, the MegaRamp, which is 10-times bigger than normal pipes. "It took me a year to get used to skating and going over the gap and that high over the quarter. I'm used to go six feet, not fifteen", explains Schaar.

The young skater from Malibu, California, trained his 900's several times and the 1080 came after the fourth attempt. "I thought it would take me three days".

The biggest and most talented stars in skateboarding have tried it for decades, but never quite landed it. Watch Schaar pulling the 1080.

The MegaRamp used for practice at the Woodward West camp provides some of the speed and velocity needed, but the 50-foot gap in the ramp hindered Tom's ability to keep that momentum going all the way through to the quarter pipe to land the trick successfully.

Meanwhile it was possible to bridge the gap, by creating a custom built roll-over feature, allowing Tom to drop in on the 70-foot-tall MegaRamp and roll right over the giant gap.

As a result, Tom was able to maintain his speed and his run resulted in the first-ever successfully landed 1080 on the 27-foot-tall quarter pipe.

In skateboarding, the 1080 is one of the most difficult skateboarding tricks. When will surfers try it in thewaves? Is Josh Kerr training it already?

Waves are constantly breaking all over the world, and if you're on a surf trip or family vacations it's always good to know you can rent a surfboard anywhere there's a gem to be ridden.

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